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We took a train it Hue too. It took all day - 11 hours. Toby and I sat in the top bunk and looked out the window. Mum read us Fantastic Mr Fox, we watched a movie and played some games. The train was wobbly and bumpy. It was also a bit dirty and smelly.

Hue is a beautiful little town. In the morning we had a look around the resort. The pool is huge bigger than the school pool. I have had lots of fun swimming lengths.

We had a walk around a very busy market. They were selling toys, clothes, stinky fish and dried flat squid. We walked around the Citidel which is like a town within walls. There were lots of buildings to walk around and it was boiling hot. We saw two elephants. We wanted to have a ride but Dad didn't think they looked that well cared for. We fed some big orange fish. They all fought for the food and made a horrible gobbling noise.

The Kai Dinh Tomb was cool, it was up lots of stairs again. Here we are standing with some stone warriors

The night market was cool and the bridge looked lovely lit up at night as well as this restaurant which changed colours.

We had some clothes made. I got a silk dress and Toby got a Paleontologist outfit.

Bella made friends with the little girl in the shop who was also three but much smaller than her

Our favourite place to eat was a cafe called Octopussy. We made good friends with the staff and played pool.

On the last day we went back to the market to buy Conical hats. All of the Vietnamese people wear them. They help to keep you cooler. Our hats cost $1 each

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Ninh Binh

Holly: Ninh Binh was nice - not so busy as Hanoi. The train ride took 2 hours to get there and was fun. Our hotel was nice we finally had our own beds rather than sharing a double with Toby. There was a lovely big pool and the staff were nice to us.

Bellie showing her bunny the sights out the train window
One of our friends at the hotel

We had a great trip for two hours in a boat to Tam Coc. It was pretty hot but there was a nice breeze. We were very excited to go through 3 cave tunnels in our little boat, the first one was really dark and I thought there might have once been swimming dinosaurs living in there.
Toby: We saw little fish and got to paddle the boat. It was dark and cool in the caves but hot outside.

Not much headroom in the caves
Holly having a paddle

Holly: We went to some temples. they were interesting. People go there to pray. I saw two prayer mats. Outside the temple were poisonous frogs. One of the temples was in a cave and we could see bats flying up in the top of the cave.

The temple in the cave
We thought this rock looked like a cat

Holly: The next day we went up Hang Mua. At the start we saw a cave with statue of a tiger, we couldn't go any further as there was a big drop. So we carried on up the stairs. There were 600 steps and it was hard hot work getting up to the top. At the top there was a white dragon and two temples. The view was great over the rice paddy fields. We were very hot and sweaty and we finished all our water.


Toby: The walk was hard work, we heard thunder and saw two dragon statues on the side of the hill

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Hanoi and Halong Bay

Since we last blogged we've arrived in Vietnam. We spent 3 hot days wandering aroung Hanoi. It is like the hottest place on earth. Toby says " They drive too fast making it hard to cross the road. Whole families travel on one motorbike and the kids don't wear helmets which is not safe" We sweat alot it's really busy. We bought some fans which help to keep us cool. We went to the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum we lined up with thousands of people and were surprised to see his body lying there. " I thought I'd only see a skeleton " (Holly)

Ho Chi Min's Mausoleum

Too many motorbikes - it is hard to cross the road

Holly - We also went to the water puppet show it was about how the Vietnamese people worked on the land. It was really good, but a really tall guy sat in front of me and I couldn't see. It was in Vietnamese and had beautiful music and the puppets were very clever as they moved on the water. Toby - it was cool when the dragon came up for the last bit.


Toby - the food here is yum I'm trying hard to taste all of the new foods - I just love the watermelon the best.
Holly - the food is very delicious the fruit is very yum. We tryed deep fryed spring rolls, prawns and crabs.


Holly - From Hanoi we travelled on to Halong bay we were meant to be going on a boat called a "Junk" for two nights but when we got there our guide Quyot the tour was cancelled because there was going to be a big storm. So we decided to do a day trip where we went to a beach and explored the caves and had a swim. Toby and I tried to catch tiny fish with our hands. Toby - Lunch on the boat was huge we had big crabs, prawns, pineapple and carrot salad, fish, chicken, and clams that looked like our cockles.

We weren't so keen on the crabs

Holly and Toby - that night back at our hotel there was a huge thunder storm. With lots of lightning and thunder lasting for 4 hours. It woke us all up and we were glad we weren't still on the boat.

The beautiful carving in the foyer of our hotel

The next day it was nice and sunny so we went out again. We did lots more swimming and kayaking and went to a floating village. We visited a school it was only one two small classes they were sitting quietly learning. We gave them some books, pens and lollipops. The teacher let them stop for a break to eat there lollipops. They came outside and played skipping on their small deck. We were a bit shy about joining in. They don't get to do lots of things we do like kick a ball around but they are all good swimmers from a young age. They get to swim right at their front deck.

A cave we explored

Holly in a conical hat

The school house

Toby and our guide Quyet

Back in Hanoi we had a "kids treat day" and went off to the waterpark. It was really fun we had lots of fast rides down big slides.


Next we are off to Ninh Binh we are traveling by train.

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Singapore sights

From Holly's eyes

Hi guys I'm in Singapore. We flew here in a big plane. It took 10 hours but I got to watch some movies so it was okay. This is the place we are staying at

At breakfast I had bacon and eggs and mango juice after that my family and I went for a walk down the beach. It is really hot and sweaty here lucky we have a nice pool and waterslides to play on. At the beach we walked on a bridge and climbed up two towers. They were the furtherest point in South East Asia.

Dad and I also had a fun ride on the luge. We went up in the chairlift which was very high and a bit scary. We went down the hill really fast on the luge. I choose to go Down the "jungle track".

The next day we were off to Universal studios. We had a wander in Hollywood which lead us to Madagascar where we rode on the raft ride.

We saw all the animals from the movie. They were mechanical and some squirted water at us. I got especially wet when Marty the zebra spat at me.

Next we went to "far far away" from Shrek. Here we had a high speed roller coaster ride and watched a 4D movie. It was kind of scary when they made it feel like spiders were crawling up your legs.

Jurassic park was last where we went in a thing that was like a big bumper boat and we travelled really fast down a river seeing dinosaurs. We also rode above the trees in another fast hanging ride. Toby was a bit scared and wondered why everything needed to be fast.

On the third day in Singapore we went to Underwater World it was a huge aquarium we fed sharks and saw lots of beautiful fish. During the dolphin show I volunteered to pat and kiss one of the dolphins. I also got to feed it some fish. I was so excited and proud to be doing it. They were pink Dolphins.

90_3UploadedFile1.jpg. UploadedFile6.jpg
we learnt an interesting fact.

sorry poppa this one reminded me of you

Next we are off to Vietnam.

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