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Kampot and Geckos

Our time in Kampot has been relaxing mostly swimming, playing soccer and beating Dad at P├ętanque. Toby really loves Geckos he thinks they look a bit like dinosaurs and he has been hunting for them every evening and taking pictures of them.

Enjoying the pool
Soccer stars
Tob has Petanque sorted
Today he and Holly have done Some research about the Geckos we have been seeing in Vietnam and Cambodia. This is what they found out:
- they can grow up to 15cm long. We've seen lots of baby ones and one big one
- they eat spiders and insects. We have had them living on the walls and ceilings of most of our accommodation.
- they make chirping noises like fantails. They are loud and sometimes wake us up.

Here is a scan of the insides of a Gecko

And here are some pics of ones we have found
this ones a big one
Heaps of the gather round the lights on sights at night
This one has no tail
This ones a master of camouflage- can you see him?

So that's our Gecko collection

Toby and Holly xxx

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Smooth Feet in Siem Reap

We arrived in Siem reap, Cambodia. We had a wander around the town and markets. It's really lovely here, much quieter. We are traveling around in a tuk tuk. It is a motorbike with a carriage hooked on the back. I like it because you get a nice breeze when you are traveling. We have bought a few things at the markets. There is lots to choose from and it is really cheap. I got a dress and a bag made from recycled magazine paper. it's hot here again and it usually rains really hard in the afternoon. It is the start of the monsoon season.

17/06 Today we went out to the Banteay Srei temple it is a Hindu temple built in 967 AD (that's 1000 years old!) We also visited the Ankor Butterfly Centre where they breed all sorts of different butterflies. There we saw eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis' and the newly hatched butterflies. There was one very similar to a Monarch which they called a Tiger butterfly. They also had huge stick insects, and a cage with big black hairy spiders and another one full of Scorpions. I didn't like them so I left that area and went back to the butterflies.

All the types of butterflies there was to see
The chrysalis' glued to bamboo waiting to hatch
A Tiger Butterfly
Big spiders
Big stick insects
On the way home we went to The Pre Rup temple which is pyramid shaped temple with big steps that we climbed to the top of.
18/06 Today we had an early breakfast because we were going to visit four more temples. The first one was Angkor Wat. It is the biggest temple in the world. When we went inside it was really big. I saw two libraries.

Then we went to the second temple called Bayan which has heaps of faces and stairs and people. We took heaps of pictures.
We travelled by Tuk Tuk and on the way to one of the temples my new hat blew off. The driver stopped and Dad ran back. A bunch of girls on bikes gave it to him. The next temple - Baphuon children under 12 were not allowed in as it was too dangerous so we waited outside and played on the big blocks that are all numbered ready to restore the temples.

The last visit to the Terrace of the Elephants was like a maze to get to the exit. On the way back home we saw monkeys. There were about 40 of them in a group travelling along the road. We bought some bananas off a boy to feed to them. The babies were riding on their Mum's backs or hanging from their tummies as they walked along.

20/06 Today we went to 2 more temples. The first one we went to called Ta Prohm was a wierd one because it had trees growing up through it. We did some climbing.

The next one Beng Mealea was a long car trip away but we didn't mind because when we got there we had to pick a path to take to explore the temple. The Path we picked was a climbing path. I managed to do it.


21/06 Today we went to the silk farm and learned about how they make silk fabric. The silk worm only eat Mulberry tree leaves. The worms are very small and they spin a silk coccoon around themselves using their spit. This is where the silk fibre comes from. In total a silk worm has 24 days living then 80% of them get cooked to kill them and use the silk, while the other 20% get to hatch into moths so they can lay more eggs. We watched them dye and weave the beautiful silk fabric. I wanted a scarf but they were $100.
The silk chrysalis
Winding the silk thread on to spools
The thread being dyed
And then woven into a scarf
When we got back to town we had a fish massage. Dad lasted about ten seconds. Toby and I were laughing so hard we began to cry. It feels so wierd to have all these tiny fish nibbling at your feet. We had to keep asking Mum to lift her feet out of the water as the fish were more interested in nibbling her old skin than our young skin.

Siem Reap has been great.

PS. Toby reckons when he eats his toast it looks like a dinosaur footprint

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Ho Chi Min

back in the big city

The city is really big and big busy. We have had fun in a Big park each morning playing with some local kids.

We went to the Reunification Palace. The place where the American war between the North and South ended. There were lots of big rooms and then in the basement were all the control rooms underground. We saw saw some army tanks, a jet plane and an helicopter.
a rocket launcher at the War Remnants Museum
And a tank
We went in the Bitexco Tower 262 metres and 68 floors tall. We had a great view of the city. We saw the Saigon River and the tunnel that goes underneath it and the palace.

The view from the top of the tower
We had a morning at the waterpark but it was really crowded and noisy with all the kids on school holidays. Toby and I found it really boring because we were not tall enough to go on the big slides.

At the history museum we saw a mummy she was 200 years old (even older than Ange in the office) She looked really disgusting. She had her shoes on and she still had hair.

Bella and I had a haircut which was funny. Bella's cost $1 and mine was $5. The man cutting my hair had really funny glasses he looked like the Vietnamese Where's Wally.


Our favorite HCM restaurant was the Barbeque House where you got to cook you food on a Barbeque in the table in front of you


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06/06 We flew to Dalat, we had to leave our hotel at 4am so we could get to the airport. When we got there everyone except Dad was happy that it was much cooler. We had a walk around the town. It was littered and smelly and I was unhappy when I fell in a slimey puddle.

07/06 Today we visited the "crazy house". It was a maze of rooms each with a theme. Like the kangaroo or the ant room. We climbed up stairs and ladders and went though tunnels getting thoroughly lost.

08/06 Today we had to wake up early because we were going on a tour. First we went for a ride on on an elephant it was very bumpy. Toby thought it was awesome. We were in a special basket but we had to hold on tight as we moved up and down the hill. It was rainy so we also had an umbrella to hold on to which blew inside out.

Next we went to the waterfall. To get down to the actual waterfall we roads on a "rollerbob" -a luge which was joined to a roller coaster like track. It was awesome fun and really fast. Each of us went with either Mum, Dad or the guide. The waterfall was crowded so we had a quick look and then travelled back up on the luge.

Then it was off to the Cable Car. It was 2.3 km and really high. We had a great view of the city.

We went on the swans and I was a bad driver. My favourite cafe in Vietnam so far is V cafe it had heaps of yummy foods. On the menu there was lasagne wow! It was yummy.

Next we are in Ho Chi Min city

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Hoi An

Lantern Town

We travelled to Hoi An in a Minivan we stoped at the top of the Hi Van pass and explored the old gun emplacements that were used by the French and then American soldiers during the wars. We could se the marks the bullets had left in the concrete walls. It was very high with an amazing view.

Toby by one of the the gun implacements

We stopped to climb up one of the Marble Mountains. There were lots of steps again or you could go up in a really ugly glass elevator that had been built on the side of the mountain. We chose the steps. There was a big cave with some Budda statues carved out of the stone. A place for people to come and worship. We also went to a factory and saw people doing the carvings out of the marble. Some of the statues had been bought by New Zealanders.


Hoi An is a nice quiet town some of the town you are not allowed to drive along so that made it more relaxing for us to walk. One night there was a Full Moon Festival. The whole town turned off all their lights and used lanterns instead. It looked really pretty. Everyone was putting paper candle lanterns on the river too. We bought 2, carefully lowered them down to the river and watched them float away.

In the evening in the town you could play games. We did blindfolded claypot smashing. It was really hard the man did let us take off our masks and have a go though but we still couldn't smash them. He was really nice though and still gave us a prize.

Toby: One night in a shop I was standing wating for Mum and Dad and a lizard ran up my leg. I laughed it felt tickley, the lady in the shop thought it looked like a tattoo on my leg.

Holly: We had two trips to the beach during our time in Hoi An. The second time the waves were massive and we had lots of fun surfing in the waves one time I started behind Dad but the wave picked me up and dumped me in front of him. I lost my goggles and a man about 20 metres away found them. Toby found a plank of wood floating along with a crab sitting on it - going for a ride.


We had a morning out to the fishing village with a local man. We had a turn at making some claypots on a wooden wheel that was being spun around by an older boy. That was his job there was no electricity.
Our creations - what do you think?

Toby: We had a go at fishing the fishing rods were made out of bamboo they had a small hook and we used worms for bait. I was the only one to catch a fish it was about 5 cm long.

We had some sugarcane juice it was really sweet this is how the lady made it squeezing it through a big wringer
After fishing we went back to Mr Trung's house for lunch. His wife made the best spring rolls noodles and rice.

Holly: Another day we had a trip out to the My Son ruins. A lot of the buildings had been destroyed during the war and we could sitill see the big craters left by the bombs.

The next place we visit is Dalat I am looking forward to some cooler weather.

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