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Farewell from Phnom Penh

So this is it the last entry from th kids blog on this trip. We've enjoyed Phnom Penh, the shopping has been great after being very restrained for the rest of the trip. Holly's favourite was the Russian market and buying Gap tshirts for $2.50. A trip to a big toy shop "Toys and Me". And a fun trip to Dreamland where we got to be the only people doing the rides.

Every night of our holiday we have voting at dinner time. First we vote for who has been the best behaved then we vote for funniest. Last night was our final vote. Holly has scooped first prize with Dad and Toby a close second equal. This means Holly gets to plan a day when we get home which she is very excited about.

Holly has a baby thrust into her arms by some unknown people for some more random holiday snaps
I thought for the last blog I'd interview them and see what they came up with - so here goes

What was the best part of the trip?
Holly - universal Studios
Toby - the luge
Bellie - going on airplane and going back to New Zealand (her true answer when asked at Singapore airport)

What place did you like the best and why?
Holly - Siem Reap was a nice town was not so busy and was clean and I liked the fish massages
Toby - Singapore a I liked the big Hotel and eating loads of watermelon for breakfast

What have you learnt about?
Holly - how to make silk
Toby - lizards

What was your favourite food?
Holly - mango, pineapple
Toby - watermelon. Mango and passion fruit smoothies
Bellie - spaghetti bolignase

What's your least favorite food.
Holly - snakes, spiders , cockroaches - not that I tried any of them
Toby - Dragonfruit

What is the funniest thing that has happened?
Holly - watching Bella ask for the bill one day they gave her beer and the other day they took her to the toilet
Toby - the fish massage
Mum - when I was trying to work out which boy had been helping us with fishing and Bella said "I know he had black short hair"
Bellies face when she saw her first ever squat toilet and the my effort to keep her from peeing over her pants

What was the worst thing that you've seen?
Holly- a van full of rats last night and the rubbish and smells on the street
Toby - Scorpions

What is the saddest thing you've seen?
Holly- the people begging for money with missing arms and legs and the ones looking for food in the rubbish bins
Toby- a bird being run over by a tuk tuk

What are you looking forward to when we get home?
Holly - lighting the fire , no air conditioning and eating soup, seeing my toys
Toby - seeing my dinosaur book, going to school

The dinosaurs at Dreamland

Last night we took some of our clothes down the road and gave them to a family. They were things that weren't going to fit us next summer. It took a lot of role playing but we finally got across that we wanted them to keep them not wash them. It seemed to work as later we walked past and one of the kids was wearing a pair of Toby's pajamas.

View from the Mekong River cruise looking back at the Royal Palace

That's it folks bye from us - see you soon

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