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The Amazon Rainforest

Jungle Adventure

We landed in Coca ready for our Amazon Adventure. First we had a 2 hour boat trip down the Napo River. Then we went down a stream which was in a paddle boat. We saw three Black-mantle Tamarin Monkeys which was a great start to the adventure! We got to La Selva eco lodge and the rooms were so cool.

We had to wake up at 6 am and have breakfast. ten we walked to observation deck the view point form the tower was amazing. We saw the worlds loudest animal the Howler Monkey

A Howler Monkey sitting in the treetops

White Throated Toucan, Crimson-crested Woodpecker and so much more. During the walk we saw a family of curious Squirrel Monkeys.

A Squirrel monkey

During the evening we went Piranha fishing and the tour guide caught one and it was so cool to see its sharp teeth.


Every evening we went in a canoe and the first night we saw 2 Blue and Yellow Macaws fly over us which was so cool and when it got darker we saw Caymans swimming. We also had night walks and saw Bats, Tarantulas and frogs. Toby saw a Mouse Opossum.

A Tarantula

The meals at La Selva were pretty fancy like raw Tuna which we didn’t like. On the way out we saw the White Fronted Capuchin Monkey and the Pygmy Marmoset.

Holly's favourite bird was the Green Honey Creeper and the White Throated Toucan.

Green Honey Creeper

Her favourite monkeys were the Pygmy Marmoset, Squirrel Monkey and also the Howler Monkey
Toby's favorite thing was the Ruby Poison Dart Frogs.
Bella's was the Howler Monkey.

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Aguas Calientes

High up in the Andes

From Cusco we hoped onto a train to Aguas Calientes it started to rain and we thought about Dad the whole train trip because he was going to run the Inca trail as an event which was 42KM. We walked to our Hotel dropped our bags and explored the town.

The next day Mum fell ill which was really annoying because we couldn’t do more exploring. So we played cards and did indoor activities. In the meantime Dad was doing his race Mum's friend Anna (Her husband Ben also did the race) told mum that Dad finished the event and came 4th and on the track it was snowing, hailing and raining and we were really excited that we were going to see dad! That terrible day turned out to be a great day. The next day we went to Machu Picchu and explored the ruin. They were amazing there was Wayna Picchu at the back looking down over these ancient ruins. It is a strange location to build a wonder of the world. With cliffs Drops that you can fall to your death. There are rivers at the bottom and big Mountains with snow on top of them. The building are spectacular we even got to go in them you can see where they slept and where they put their statues and prized possessions. It was amazing being at one of the 7 wonders of the world which we will never forget! We took the train back to Cusco for our Next stop the Amazon.


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Where we were dizzy!

Cusco was extremely high 3400 metres above sea level 300 metres short of the summit of Mount Cook ( The highest peak of NZ) so once we got off the plane we felt dizzy and nauseous while we were breathing thin air. Our taxi driver took us to the Wara Wara apartments. We had a relaxing evening. The next day we got picked up by our tour guide. His name was Jaime he was a cool guide and loved showing us around. We went to the Pisac Ruins in the Sacred Valley. They were separated into 4 parts and they were in shapes of animals that they worshiped such as Puma and Condors. They were really cool.


We all loved the terraces we stood there and admired them. The terraces were used for growing Potatoes and Quinoa, defence From the Spanish and stability for the land. After the Ruins we went to the biggest market in the area. It was so busy we saw all sorts of things like colourful fruit and vegetables and, arts and crafts.

The next day we did another tour with Jaime. First we went to a little town called Chinchero just a wee drive from Cusco and went to an area we some ladies were making textiles. Then we went to the centre of Chinchero where the church was. We went inside the church and they were in the middle of a service. After we saw a lady peeling potatoes. We walked over and helped her peel them. She was very grateful for our help she smiled at us and said something in Spanish Jaime translated it and she said that Holly will be the tallest even though she knew that Holly was the oldest (HOLLY WAS VERY EXCITED).


We did our job and drove to Moray. Moray is a whole lot of terraces in a shape of a spoon. That area was used for testing plants in the Inca time and how well they did with different altitudes.


We walked around the ruin and half way there Jaime showed us these cool spiders. He poked a bit of wheat in a hole and a spider came out and he fed it a black grass hopper. After the ruins we went to the salt mines. Once we got out of the car the salt was so bright it bright white and it felt like we were looking at the sun. We explored the mines and we tasted the salt and it was really salty.


The next day we went shopping cause we had a day off from tours guides. Then at 4 O'clock we went to the chocolate factory. We learnt about cocoa and that there are a lot of seeds in one fruit. We learnt how to make chocolate and at the end we decorated our own chocolate and we went WILD with lollies and decoration. Then later we picked them up.


On the last morning in Cusco we woke up early because Jaime picked us up and took us too Ollantaytambo there was a ruin it was pretty awesome it had over 200 steps to climb up and it was quite high but had an amazing view. After that we said good bye to dad because went to run the Inca marathon. After that we hopped onto a train to Aguas Calientes.

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South America

Selfies with Moai

Easter Island was so much fun! We stayed at the cabanas bungalows which the place was so tiny but at least we had 5 beds. We stayed near the main town Hanga Roa. The 1st day we were all jetlag we walked through the down lay down on the beds and fell straight asleep till dad woke as all up . The next day went to Orongo an old village next to a crater it was full of water and plants. It was so cool!
Holly's extremely big hair day!
We went to the village and saw bird man island that island was used for selecting the chief of Orongo 2 men would do some challenges then they would swim over and tried to collect a bird egg. Sometimes they were there for weeks the first one to get an egg and keep it safe while swimming back to the village wins and gets to be the chief.
After a big sleep we drove around Easter island in a rental car on the left side of the road! When we were driving at least 10 horse were in are way they just would not move eventually they got tired and moved out of the road we were scared that they would dent our car by kicking it.
We visited lots of Moai sites our favorite was the quarry where they made them
and the 15 Moai lined up in a big line we felt like dwarfs against them. The humongous ,rough ,battered Moais in they were so unreal some of the Moais were unfinished or the didn’t get to transported to their planned location. From the quarry we saw 15 Moais in a massive line so we raced off to see them. It was so amazing that we took a million photos and stared at them. We looked like little ants against these big giants.
Holly's favorite site at Easter island was the 15 Moais in a line. Toby's and Bella's was Orongo crater.
These are our selfies
After the big adventure in Easter island now we are off Cusco for dads big run!

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Farewell from Phnom Penh

So this is it the last entry from th kids blog on this trip. We've enjoyed Phnom Penh, the shopping has been great after being very restrained for the rest of the trip. Holly's favourite was the Russian market and buying Gap tshirts for $2.50. A trip to a big toy shop "Toys and Me". And a fun trip to Dreamland where we got to be the only people doing the rides.

Every night of our holiday we have voting at dinner time. First we vote for who has been the best behaved then we vote for funniest. Last night was our final vote. Holly has scooped first prize with Dad and Toby a close second equal. This means Holly gets to plan a day when we get home which she is very excited about.

Holly has a baby thrust into her arms by some unknown people for some more random holiday snaps
I thought for the last blog I'd interview them and see what they came up with - so here goes

What was the best part of the trip?
Holly - universal Studios
Toby - the luge
Bellie - going on airplane and going back to New Zealand (her true answer when asked at Singapore airport)

What place did you like the best and why?
Holly - Siem Reap was a nice town was not so busy and was clean and I liked the fish massages
Toby - Singapore a I liked the big Hotel and eating loads of watermelon for breakfast

What have you learnt about?
Holly - how to make silk
Toby - lizards

What was your favourite food?
Holly - mango, pineapple
Toby - watermelon. Mango and passion fruit smoothies
Bellie - spaghetti bolignase

What's your least favorite food.
Holly - snakes, spiders , cockroaches - not that I tried any of them
Toby - Dragonfruit

What is the funniest thing that has happened?
Holly - watching Bella ask for the bill one day they gave her beer and the other day they took her to the toilet
Toby - the fish massage
Mum - when I was trying to work out which boy had been helping us with fishing and Bella said "I know he had black short hair"
Bellies face when she saw her first ever squat toilet and the my effort to keep her from peeing over her pants

What was the worst thing that you've seen?
Holly- a van full of rats last night and the rubbish and smells on the street
Toby - Scorpions

What is the saddest thing you've seen?
Holly- the people begging for money with missing arms and legs and the ones looking for food in the rubbish bins
Toby- a bird being run over by a tuk tuk

What are you looking forward to when we get home?
Holly - lighting the fire , no air conditioning and eating soup, seeing my toys
Toby - seeing my dinosaur book, going to school

The dinosaurs at Dreamland

Last night we took some of our clothes down the road and gave them to a family. They were things that weren't going to fit us next summer. It took a lot of role playing but we finally got across that we wanted them to keep them not wash them. It seemed to work as later we walked past and one of the kids was wearing a pair of Toby's pajamas.

View from the Mekong River cruise looking back at the Royal Palace

That's it folks bye from us - see you soon

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